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- William Laurence: LIFE PARTNER. Loyalty is cranked up to eleven; if you insult him Temeraire will eat your face. And by eat I mean write and by your face I mean an indignant letter. And also eat your face.

- Hinata Hyuuga: Honestly protective of her; glad that she likes flying. Politiiiiiics cluuuuuuuuub. Also in the same mentor group.

- Teddy Altman: ROOMMATE. He helps Temeraire with some of the more complicated computer tasks when claws just aren’t sufficient, and has been coerced into Politics Club. Has one of the most interesting and enviable powers yet.

- Billy Kaplan: confusingly quiet sometimes, but still considered amongst Temeraire's friends. Also dragged into Politics Club. Also mentor group. Also Team Dragons. Temeraire thinks he is really very nice, but wishes Iskierka would stop comparing him to Laurence.

- Iskierka: OH GOD TINY YOUNGER DRAGON SHUT UP. Temeraire spends 90% of his time frowning disapprovingly at her or complaining to Laurence or Teddy about her antics. The other 10% he spends teaching her about Earth and helping her buy jewellery to drape on Billy.

- Eli Bradley: Co-president of Politics Club; taught Temeraire how to make Rice Krispie Squares. Temeraire feels fairly close to him because of the OPPRESSION of their various peoples.

- Kate Bishop: they argued over the forums about mutant registration, but he’s not particularly against her in practice.

- Nia Teppelin: HELPED MAKE TEMERAIRE HIS OWN DRAGON CENSUS. ♥ Seriously if someone hurts her they’ll have a face full of dragon.

If you're not on here and you have CR with Temeraire, comment and I'll add you immediately.


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