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Birthdate:Jan 3
This is a roleplaying journal for Temeraire from the series by Naomi Novik, played at [info]xi_rpg by [info]otilu.

He is a time-travelling size-changing dragon-shaped space alien.

He would wear an I ♥ THE AVENGERS shirt if it were physically possible, but it would clash with his I ♥ LAURENCE cap.

Interests (27):

abolitionists, bathing, battles, being incredibly charming, bling, dragon rights, epic poetry, exciting battles, flying, isaac newton, large piles of gold, laurence, laurence laurence laurence, mathematics, medals for everyone, mineralogy, naval warfare, not authority, not government, not parliament they suck, pavilions, physics, reading with laurence, reed richards, sand tables, talking with laurence, weird mushrooms
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