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"Aye, and we've a chest full of gold to show for it, don't we lads?" Edward turned from the wheel to regard the dragon as he landed, then flashed a grin to the crew. Of course, a large cut of it would be going to him, but split between all the Jackdaw, this catch was more than most men had earned in years of privateering or menial work.

Then he noticed the crate and the tray of jewellery the dragon had brought with him. "Jesus, Razorbill! What's all that?" More treasure? In all his years as a pirate, this had to be one of his best swindles yet.

Date: 2015-02-18 10:18 pm (UTC)
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Edward crouched down and rifled through the tray, his face splitting into a hungry grin. He examined rings, womens' bracelets, and finding a gaudy jewel encrusted amulet, he promptly put it around his neck with a smug, "How do I look?"

Ridiculous was the most likely consensus, but it wasn't like the crew were going to tell him that when they had an eye on getting pieces of the jewellery for themselves.

When Razorbill pulled the books out, Edward paused in his scavenging long enough to give him a baffled look. "Can you read those bland things? Or is it that they're valuable?"


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