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Edward gave his newly-christened dragon a few more pats, then straightened back to his full height. "No getting underfoot of the crew, all right? And throw your food overboard when you're done. I won't have my ship stinking of dead fish."

With that he went back to the wheel with the cheerfulness of a man ready to make his fortune, and they made for the nearest port.

It was British, which meant no risk of bumping into anyone expecting stolen Spanish cargo. It also made trade negotiations easier than relying on Edward's meagre Spanish to explain that yes, it was a dragon, and yes, he'd only be willing to part with such a thing for a grand sum. The traders were equal parts astonished and competing to buy such an amazing creature. Razorbill, for his part, was kept shacked with a metal collar and chain around his neck, but they'd purposefully weakened some of the links beforehand so the hatchling would be able to break free at the first opportunity.

And if he didn't, well. Edward had the money as he'd planned all along -- it made no difference to him.

After more trading the Jackdaw hastily left port, but the brig remained close to land so Razorbill would have little difficulty finding them. Edward kept his spyglass trained to the sky, checking every half hour or so for any sign the hatchling had made a successful getaway...

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"Aye, and we've a chest full of gold to show for it, don't we lads?" Edward turned from the wheel to regard the dragon as he landed, then flashed a grin to the crew. Of course, a large cut of it would be going to him, but split between all the Jackdaw, this catch was more than most men had earned in years of privateering or menial work.

Then he noticed the crate and the tray of jewellery the dragon had brought with him. "Jesus, Razorbill! What's all that?" More treasure? In all his years as a pirate, this had to be one of his best swindles yet.

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Edward crouched down and rifled through the tray, his face splitting into a hungry grin. He examined rings, womens' bracelets, and finding a gaudy jewel encrusted amulet, he promptly put it around his neck with a smug, "How do I look?"

Ridiculous was the most likely consensus, but it wasn't like the crew were going to tell him that when they had an eye on getting pieces of the jewellery for themselves.

When Razorbill pulled the books out, Edward paused in his scavenging long enough to give him a baffled look. "Can you read those bland things? Or is it that they're valuable?"


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